Service Learning

Our community believes that we must actively care for others.

Kindergarten through fifth grade classes partner with a local nonprofit organization to maximize student efforts. The students learn about their partner organization's mission and individual classes participate in service learning projects to help our partners positively impact Kansas City. St. Paul's middle school students also make individual choices about how best to serve local nonprofit agencies and volunteer in their own time. 

As part of our mission we also provide funding to our sister school in Ravine A'lanse, Haiti, and support the St. Paul's Church Food Pantry which serves approximately 1,200 neighbors annually.

Starting in our early education classrooms, students learn the importance of sharing their gifts and caring for others nearby and around the world.

Each spring, St. Paul’s students plan special activities to support our sister school, Ravine a l’Anse, in Haiti. On May 4, 2020 we will break from online learning so students can engage in a Move-a-thon activity of their choice to help raise needed funds for Holy Cross School.

Make a Move-a-Thon Donation for Haiti

1st grade students pose with some of the donated items from the annual food drive to support the St. Paul's Episcopal Church
During the annual food drive, donated items line the St. Paul's hallways.
Students walk donated items over the church community pantry.
Students pose on their way to dropping off donated items at the church community pantry.
St . Paultudents help with planting and weeding at a local community garden.
4th grade students drop-off donated toothbrushes at Ability KC.
5th grade students volunteer at Kansas City Pet Project.

"One of our goals is to get kids out into the community so they can see an organization first-hand and really understand what the organization does." Mindy Stephenson, ECC Division Head

Service Learning Partnerships