Head of School's Welcome

Picture of Andrew Myler, Head of School, St. Paul's Episcopal Day School
Our mission: St. Paul's Episcopal Day School develops confident learners, ethical leaders, and compassionate engaged citizens.

Welcome to St. Paul's!

- Andrew Myler, Head of School

Our mission is bold and clear. We exist to help each child reach his or her highest potential. Like other private schools, we have excellent academic programs, outstanding facilities, invested parents, and dedicated teachers. But, we also have a unique identity and distinctive qualities. We are committed to character education and life skills development, and we gather daily in chapel to celebrate and affirm the importance of community.

St. Paul's Life Skills: Caring, Common Sense, Cooperation, Curiosity, Flexibility, Friendship, Initiative, Integrity, Organization, Patience, Perseverance, Problem Solving, Responsibility, Sense of Humor

Why do we spend time in chapel? Why do we teach life skills? Why do we focus on community? In 2014, Harvard University published a report, The Children We Mean To Raise. The executive summary starts with the statement, "Our youth's values appear to be awry, and the messages that adults are sending may be at the heart of the problem." In the conclusion of the report, the researchers offer a remedy to the problem:

"Our point is that we need to create more settings where children engage in traditions and rituals that build appreciation and gratitude and a sense of responsibility for one's communities and that enable them to practice helpfulness and service. We also need opportunities for young people to connect with respected adults who stand for important ethical values and who engage them in exploring fundamental ethical questions."

We agree. Visit St. Paul's, participate in chapel, attend a class, talk with students, and interact with our faculty and staff. You will find excellent academics, and you will also discover educators who teach life skills and cherish community.

Andrew Myler
Head of School