Our highly-trained teachers serve as guides and mentors, providing a safe, welcoming community where students are challenged to explore their world using hands-on learning.

Our innovative curriculum is project-based and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) focused. STEAM-infused project-based learning allows our students to practice doing what they're learning across all core classes. Students may find themselves making a stop-motion animation of a plant's life cycle, coding a rover to explore uninhabitable areas of the rain forest, or developing a new casting system to heal broken bones.

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STEAM Curriculum at St. Paul's

STEAM education allows our students to become better observers, collaborators, problem-solvers and problem-finders - all critical life skills for success in today's world. 

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Early Childhood

A group of four Early Childhood students play on the St. Paul's playground.

Lower School

A small group of St. Paul's first graders work on their ipads in a common space.

Middle School

A small group of middle school students work together on robotics lab in the Makerspace.

Ask a Teacher - Panel Discussion

St. Paul's teachers are at the heart of everything we do. They design our high-quality academic programs, implement authentic student leadership opportunities, and collaborate with each other to make sure individual student needs are met day-to-day. In this clip from a June 2020 teacher panel discussion, Kindergarten teacher Ms. Thomson shares details about her favorite academic unit, and Division Head Ms. Jones talks about impactful middle school experiences.  Check out the full teacher panel discussion here.

Watch the full discussion

Topics and Timings:

  • How do teachers manage conflict resolution, peer pressure, and bullying in their classrooms? (9:35)
  • The importance of outdoor play (18:43)
  • What academic units do teachers love teaching every year? (20:46)
  • What makes St. Paul's stand out from other schools? (25:00)
  • What is St. Paul's doing to address diversity issues and racial injustice? How are students a part of it? (32:00)