Two 7th Grade St. Paul's students look at the effects of direct light on bacteria in a petri dish.

Our highly-trained teachers serve as guides and mentors, providing a safe, welcoming community where students are challenged to explore their world using hands-on learning.

Our innovative curriculum is project-based, STEAM focused, and designed to tap into unique student interests. Students may find themselves making a stop-motion animation of a plant's life cycle, coding a rover to explore uninhabitable areas of the rain forest, or developing a new casting system to heal broken bones.

Future-Focused Academics

Hear from school leaders, teachers, and students about what makes our program unique.

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Early Childhood

A group of four Early Childhood students play on the St. Paul's playground.

Lower School

A small group of St. Paul's first graders work on their ipads in a common space.

Middle School

A small group of middle school students work together on robotics lab in the Makerspace.