Fifth Grade

St. Paul's 5th Grade Students present their work at the annual Change Makers event.

Program Overview

In fifth grade, students take a big step academically with plenty of project-based learning around the foundations of government, economics, historical figures, automation, and robotics. There are creative learning units designed to get students collaborating and presenting their ideas, including the much-loved Changemakers unit. Before and after school, fifth grade students can choose to join a wide range of activities including Math Club, In Harmony Choir, Drama Club, Running Club, and more. Plus, fifth grade is when students get to participate in their very first grade-level Anchor Trip. Learn more about fifth grade curriculum, special classes, and typical daily schedule below.

Service Learning in Fifth Grade

At St. Paul's, we help students learn the value of serving others. Each grade level works with a community partner organization for embedded service projects throughout the year.

Fifth Grade Partner Organization - KC Pet Project

Fifth grade students help this organization by:

  • Designing a website scavenger hunt featuring KC Pet Project's community impact
  • Creating pet toys in the St. Paul's Maker Space 
  • Visiting the pet shelter in small groups
  • Baking and donating dog treats
  • Gathering and donating pet supplies

Fifth grade also participates in the spring fundraiser supporting our sister school in Haiti. Click here to earn more about our school-wide service projects.

A fifth grade student poses with her Pre-K Buddy during an activity
The St. Paul's fifth grade classrooms each have 22 students.

Community Pledge

Everyday at Chapel, students say the St. Paul's Community Pledge.

As a member of the St. Paul's community, I pledge to be honest, to respect others, to take responsibility for my actions and words, to be kind and inclusive, and to help others do the same. 

These words reinforce the St. Paul's mission and values and help students focus on the day ahead.

Explore What Comes Next

Fifth Grade Learning Highlights

St. Paul's 5th grade students pose with their poster on influential Changemakers
Changemakers Museum

After working together for weeks to build their Changemaker Museum, 5th grade students present on their individual figures for family and friends in a culminating event. Their museum features a Changemaker timeline, map, speeches, and student-made artifacts representing the lives and work of influential figures like Galileo, Ruby Bridges, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Billie Jean King.

St. Paul's 5th grade students work on coding Ozobots in the Makerspace.
Ozobots in Makerspace

5th graders experiment with Ozobots in Makerspace as an introduction to coding and circuitry. These bots detect colors and follow paths with specific codes. The students explore how they work and learned how to write code and transfer it to their bots. Ozobots are just one of the gadgets 5th graders interact with during STEAM time. They also use Makey Makeys, Microbits, 3D printers, and even try out some soldering!

Two St. Paul's fifth graders pose with their Class of 2025 shirts.
Middle School Move Up Event

In the spring, 5th grade students stop by the middle school for a special “move-up” event to get them pumped up for the next school year! Teachers introduce middle school electives, students tour the classrooms, and they pick up their special class t-shirts. What are students usually most excited about? Decorating their lockers! What are they typically most nervous about? Getting to middle school classes on time.

The St. Paul's math club pose for a group photo after performing well in their district competition.
Math Club

4th through 6th grade students can participate in Math Club, a before school group that meets once a week in the fall and spring semesters. This group practices all year long for their district competition in early April. Students who qualify continue on to the state competition in May!

A group of 5th grade students pose with JE Dunn construction hats for their BizTown day project.
BizTown Project

5th grade students visit BizTown where students work together to start their own businesses! Students ensure success by creating business partnerships, selling goods and services to citizens, and creating profits to pay off business loans. They even start the day with special ribbon-cutting ceremony with JE Dunn volunteers to open their businesses to the public.

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