First Grade

St. Paul's first grade classroom

Program Overview

First grade is a big year at St. Paul's as students progress to a more rigorous academic program. Daily routines feature plenty of project-based learning, collaboration with peers, and opportunities to play outside. The first grade program is also unique for its focus on social emotional learning. In addition to embedded classroom exercises, students have weekly visits from the St. Paul's school counselor for activities dedicated to fostering emotional intelligence, teamwork, and empathy. Learn more about First Grade curriculum, special classes, and a typical daily schedule below.

Service Learning in First Grade

At St. Paul's, we help students learn the value of serving others. Each grade level works with a community partner organization for embedded service projects throughout the year.

First Grade Partner Organization - Variety KC

First grade students raise money to buy tech devices and equipment for children with disabilities throughout the year. Students sell bracelets, hold a candy estimation contest, and reach out to neighbors and friends for support. In 2023, students even went on a fieldtrip to a Variety KC sponsored inclusive playground in North Kansas City. It’s a rewarding partnership that helps St. Paul’s first graders learn the importance of a generous, service-minded spirit.

First grade also participates in the fall food drive for the St. Paul's pantry and in the spring fundraiser supporting our sister school in Haiti. Click here to earn more about our school-wide service projects.

A St. Paul's first grade student performs as Charles Schulz for a music program.
St. Paul's First Grade Classrooms have 22 students and 2 teachers.

Community Pledge

Everyday at Chapel, students say the St. Paul's Community Pledge.

As a member of the St. Paul's community, I pledge to be honest, to respect others, to take responsibility for my actions and words, to be kind and inclusive, and to help others do the same. 

These words reinforce the St. Paul's mission and values and help students focus on the day ahead.

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First Grade Learning Highlights

St. Paul's First Grade students perform their Hooray for the USA music program.
Hooray for the USA

One beloved first grade tradition at St. Paul's is the Hooray for the USA unit. Students each choose influential Americans to study, including scientists, athletes, politicians, and other historical figures. The unit culminates in a presentation where students all dress up as their chosen Americans to perform and sing classic patriotic tunes for friends and family. 

A St. Paul's first grade students colors his 3D model of a native Australian animal.
3D Models and Design

In connection with their study of Australia, first grade students use Makers Empire software to draw and design native Australian animals. After they finalize their designs, they use a 3D printer to create miniature models of their animal creatures. Projects like this are a great way to integrate STEAM concepts into ongoing learning units.

Readers' Theatre

Every year, first grade students partner with Kansas City's Coterie Theatre for a week long Readers' Theatre project. Professionals from the Coterie visit the classroom every day to rehearse with students and build scenes based on famous fairy tales. At the end of the week, they perform their grand finale in class!

A group of St. Paul's first grade students perform choreography at their Halloween music program.
Halloween Fun

Unique to first grade is the Halloween music program. Students practice Halloween-themed songs and choreography and perform for family and friends during the last week of October. They also lead the whole school in singing Halloween songs at the school's Halloween Ball!

A student eats an Australian lamington during a St. Paul's first grade class.
Exploring Australia

First Grade students spend time every spring exploring Australian plants, animals, geography, food, cultural celebrations, and more! They look forward to the day when Rob Joseph, owner of KC's Banksia Bakery, stops by to share tasty Australian treats like the lamington and sausage roll.

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