Fourth Grade

St. Paul's 4th grade students practice songs for their musical showcase.

Program Overview

Fourth grade is a hallmark year for learning about entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and students can start to get more involved in arts and athletics! There are creative learning units designed to get students collaborating and presenting their ideas, including the 50 States Project and their Shark Tank Unit. Before and after school, fourth grade students can choose to join a wide range of activities including Math Club, In Harmony Choir, Drama Club, Running Club, and more. Learn more about fourth grade curriculum, special classes, and typical daily schedule below.

Service Learning in Fourth Grade

At St. Paul's, we help students learn the value of serving others. Each grade level works with a community partner organization for embedded service projects throughout the year.

Fourth Grade Partner Organization - Midtown KC Now

Fourth grade students help this organization by:

  • Organizing St. Paul's clean up projects
  • Keep Midtown Kansas City clean by picking up in our neighborhood
  • Clean up litter and debris from right-of-ways along Main Street.

Fourth grade also participates in the spring fundraiser supporting our sister school in Haiti. Click here to earn more about our school-wide service projects.

A St. Paul's 4th grade student practices for their grade level musical showcase.
St. Paul's 4th grade classrooms have only 22 students.

Community Pledge

Everyday at Chapel, students say the St. Paul's Community Pledge.

As a member of the St. Paul's community, I pledge to be honest, to respect others, to take responsibility for my actions and words, to be kind and inclusive, and to help others do the same. 

These words reinforce the St. Paul's mission and values and help students focus on the day ahead.

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Fourth Grade Learning Highlights

A wall of displayed brain models showing the function and anatomy of the nervous system.
Brain Models

In their Makerspace clase, fourth graders build LED brain models. These models include a complicated circuit system to display how each section of the brain serves a different purpose (i.e. memories, stress response, emotions, problem solving, etc.). They even construct switches using recycled conductive materials.

4th grade students tie wishes to a St. Paul's tree.
Wish Tree

After completing the novel, Wishtree by Katherine Applegate, students create their own wishtree for St. Paul’s to enjoy. The book explores the Irish history of writing down wishes on pieces of cloth and hanging them from a tree’s branches. The St. Paul’s 4th grade wish tree inspires us all to be more accepting, kind, and to appreciate our differences.

A St. Paul's family of 4 look at a presentation on a US state on an ipad.
50 States Road Trip

Every spring, 4th grade completes their 50 U.S. States Road Trip project. After studying the different U.S. regions, students each chose an individual states to research. The unit culminates in a Road Trip where students share interesting facts and artifacts in presentations for family and friends. The unit explores each state’s unique economy, landmarks, climate, food, culture, and local traditions.

A group of four students pose with a product they constructed for a St. Paul's Shark Tank Unit.
Shark Tank

Fourth grade students participate in Shark Tank entrepreneurship projects. During official pitch sessions for expert Sharks, students present product concepts, advertising, and prototypes. They even answer tough questions about profit margins, pricing, and supply/demand. We are always amazed by the ongoing product creativity. Recent examples include: a party planning suitcase, a lego sorter vacuum, a snack delivery drone, and a kitchen appliance that packs lunches.

A St. Paul's 4th grade student shows off their version of a blue dog painting.
Blue Dogs in Art Class

In preparation for their 50 States project, 4th grade students learn about artists from different U.S. regions. As an example, students paid homage to Louisiana artist, George Rodrigue, and his famous blue dog series which was inspired by the Cajun legend of Loup Garou (werewolf). 4th graders learned about color mixing while creating their own Blue Dog paintings in the setting of their choice!

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