Second Grade

St. Paul's Second Grade Classroom

Program Overview

Second grade dives deep on core reading/language arts skills and mathematical concepts, but there are still plenty of opportunities to play. Teachers use student interests as the foundation for instruction during themed learning units unique to this grade including Destination Asia, robots, and a unit on insects. The second grade classrooms have doors that lead straight to a newly built playground where students can stretch, run, and enjoy the fresh air! Learn more about Second Grade curriculum, special classes, and a typical daily schedule below.

Service Learning in Second Grade

At St. Paul's, we help students learn the value of serving others. Each grade level works with a community partner organization for embedded service projects throughout the year.

Second Grade Partner Organization - Bishop Spencer Place

In the fall, Second Grade students sing Halloween songs in costume for the Bishop Spencer Place residents. Students also send cards to individual residents throughout the year, and they each complete a biography of a resident in the spring.

Second grade also participates in the fall food drive for the St. Paul's pantry and in the spring fundraiser supporting our sister school in Haiti. Click here to earn more about our school-wide service projects.

A St. Paul's second grade student poses with her poster on an Asian country.
Second Grade Classroom Size: 22 students, 2 teachers

Community Pledge

Everyday at Chapel, students say the St. Paul's Community Pledge.

As a member of the St. Paul's community, I pledge to be honest, to respect others, to take responsibility for my actions and words, to be kind and inclusive, and to help others do the same. 

These words reinforce the St. Paul's mission and values and help students focus on the day ahead.

Explore What Comes Next

Explore What Comes Next

Second Grade Learning Highlights

A second grade student poses with a robot he constructed out of cardboard.
Robot Museum

Second grade students build robots designed to solve a specific problem and then they display their work in a collaborative Robot Museum. Students have designed robots to walk dogs, clean the kitchen, and even disperse seeds in gardens.

A second grade classroom meets with Poet Laureate Joy Harjo over Zoom.
Poetry & Native American Units

Every year, Second Grade completes poetry and Native American units. Tying into both units, students recently participated in a virtual Po​etry Pop-Up with U.S. Poet Laureate and Native American Joy Harjo. She shared insights into her writing process and shared some stories from her childhood with students.

A St. Paul's second grade student holds up a poster on Cyprus with her grandparents.
Destination Asia

Every year, Second Grade students complete a Destination Asia unit exploring areas including: China, Japan, India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Students read fiction and nonfiction materials, create artifacts representing different geographical areas, and they each become an expert in one country of their choice. The unit culminates in a presentation day for parents and friends! Students use greetings from their country’s language and show off all they created throughout the unit.

A second grade student makes a dumpling to celebrate Lunar New Year.
Lunar New Year Dumplings

Happy Lunar New Year! Second Grade celebrates every year by making dumplings with Chef Tim. They practice filling and folding their dumplings before steaming and enjoying this traditional tasty snack. This also serves as the big kick-off to Second Grade study of Asia over the following few weeks.

Two St. Paul's students pose with May Day flowers.
Second Grade Buddies

To celebrate spring and May Day, Eighth Grade students created special May Baskets for their Second Grade buddies! The buddy program offers plenty of opportunities for students across grade levels to connect and learn from each other. In Second Grade, students write special tributes to their Eighth Grade buddies in the final weeks of the school year leading up to graduation. 

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