Third Grade

St. Paul's third grade students experiment with color, shape, and line in an art class

Program Overview

In third grade, students move up to the second floor of our school - a big milestone! This banner year at St. Paul's features challenging curriculum, hands-on projects, and plenty of opportunities for students to build their leadership skills. Notably, students move from being little buddies to big buddies in our beloved Buddy Program. Creative learning units on community helpers, the Oregon Trail, and the Amazon rainforest allow students to explore unique parts of our world and history. Learn more about third grade curriculum, special classes, and a typical daily schedule below.

Service Learning in Third Grade

At St. Paul's, we help students learn the value of serving others. Each grade level works with a community partner organization for embedded service projects throughout the year.

Third Grade Partner Organization - St. Paul's Food Pantry

In the fall, third grade students support the St. Paul's food pantry by helping to restock shelves, organize donated items, and bag up diapers for an annual Christmas party.  Third grade serves as pantry champions and leaders during the all school food drive every fall.

Third grade also participates in the spring fundraiser supporting our sister school in Haiti. Click here to earn more about our school-wide service projects.

Two St. Paul's students hug during an art class.
St. Paul's third grade classrooms have 22 students.

Community Pledge

Everyday at Chapel, students say the St. Paul's Community Pledge.

As a member of the St. Paul's community, I pledge to be honest, to respect others, to take responsibility for my actions and words, to be kind and inclusive, and to help others do the same. 

These words reinforce the St. Paul's mission and values and help students focus on the day ahead.

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Third Grade Learning Highlights

Two St. Paul's students smile with a gummy worm and paperclip after completing a STEAM challenge.
Save Fred STEAM Activity

In the lead-up to our school-wise STEAM Fair every spring, students across the school complete special activities in our school Makerspace. Pictured here, 3rd graders work together to save Fred (the gummy worm) after his boat capsized. Using only paperclips, students work in pairs to get Fred from the capsized boat (the cup) to the life saver trapped underneath. This is just one of many activities that get 3rd grade students excited about STEAM learning!

A St. Paul's 3rd grade poses with her handmade model of a prairie schooner.
Prairie Schooners

At the end of their Oregon Trail unit, 3rd grade students test out their handmade prairie schooners on different surfaces including turf, sidewalk, and grass. Using a range of materials like wood, string, and leather, students design these wagon models to transport pioneers across difficult terrain. After testing their creations, they discuss possible design changes to make their schooners sturdier.

A St. Paul's 3rd grade and toddler student pose for a buddy picture on the playground.
Third Grade and Toddler Buddies

Third grade is a special year for students because they move from being little buddies to big buddies! Throughout the year, third grade students meet up with their toddler buddies to read together, create art, and play games. This special program is a highlight and beloved tradition for our whole school!

A group of St. Paul's 3rd grade students pose in Oregon Trail costumes.
Oregon Trail

3rd grade students wrap up their Oregon Trail unit with a day dedicated to pioneer games, activities, and a feast! Parent volunteers organize wheelbarrow racing, quilting, writing with quill pens, and a pioneer lunch featuring chicken stew, biscuits, dried fruit, bacon, and cinnamon donuts cooked over a fire. This immersive experience helps students imagine life in the mid-1800s!

Two St. Paul's 3rd grade students pose with their handmade life-size rainforest creatures, a monkey and parrot.
Rainforest Exhibit

Every spring, St. Paul’s 3rd graders transform their common space into a tropical rainforest complete with snakes, monkeys, birds, frogs, and more! Students each pick a different rainforest animal to study and write a 7-paragraph essay about it. They also each make a life-size version of their animal to contribute to this collaborative 41-piece exhibit. 3rd graders also give rainforest tours to other grades in the lead-up to a special event for family and friends.

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