Our Approach

At St. Paul's, we use cutting-edge techniques to foster curiosity and innovative problem-solving in our students. Our exceptional teachers and dynamic curriculum inspire each student to reach their full potential. Whether a student enters as a toddler, kindergartner, or during middle school, we are committed to helping them developing into a confident learner, ethical leader, and engaged citizen. 

A young student smiles during a unit about the human body.

In an engaging learning environment, our teachers build curriculum to spark imagination while preparing students for life in the ever-changing 21st century. At St. Paul's, you will find students gathered in small groups, asking questions, testing hypotheses, examining emotions, and using real-life scenarios to learn core content. Learn more about the pillars of a St. Paul's education below.

St. Paul's Academic Highlights

Ask a Teacher - Panel Discussion

St. Paul's teachers are at the heart of everything we do. They design our high-quality academic programs, implement authentic student leadership opportunities, and collaborate with each other to make sure individual student needs are met day-to-day. In this clip from a June 2020 teacher panel discussion, Kindergarten teacher Ms. Thomson shares details about her favorite academic unit, and Division Head Ms. Jones talks about impactful middle school experiences.  Check out the full teacher panel discussion here.

Watch the full discussion

Topics and Timings:

  • How do teachers manage conflict resolution, peer pressure, and bullying in their classrooms? (9:35)
  • The importance of outdoor play (18:43)
  • What academic units do teachers love teaching every year? (20:46)
  • What makes St. Paul's stand out from other schools? (25:00)
  • What is St. Paul's doing to address diversity issues and racial injustice? How are students a part of it? (32:00)