St. Paul's Tuition Assistance

St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School understands that an independent school education is a major investment for a family, and we are committed to supporting students who need tuition assistance.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment completes the financial need analysis for St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School. Current families applying for assistance need to complete an application and submit the required documentation to FACTS Grant and Assessment by December 31, 2019. The due date for new families will be February 15, 2019. Applicants can apply online beginning November 1, 2019:

The following information is required in order for FACTS to process your application:
  • Completed online application, including $35 application fee
  • Copies of your 2018 tax forms including all supporting tax schedules
  • Copies of your 2018 W-2 form for both you and your spouse
  • Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and TANF
If the parents are divorced or separated, both parents need to participate in the financial assistance process.

St. Paul’s Tuition Assistance Guidelines
  • Typically, families are asked to pay a minimum of 50% of the total tuition and fees, including 10% of their calculated tuition as an enrollment deposit.
  • Applicants are considered in order from the highest grade level to the lowest grade level—8th grade down to preschool. Toddlers are not eligible for tuition assistance.
  • Returning students, an enrolling sibling of a returning student, and children of faculty have first priority.
  • The committee will award a specific dollar amount of assistance per child enrolled in the school.
  • An award may be smaller than the amount of assistance requested by a family. An award will not exceed the amount requested.
  • Class fees are included in the award determination. Lunch, athletic, and miscellaneous fees are not included in the award determination.
  • In two parent households, both parents are expected to contribute to the family income.
Additional Support for Enrolled Families
  • Students who receive a 50% or greater award also receive a reduction in the cost of school lunch and athletic fees, and their Parents' Guild dues are waived.
  • A family can request additional support for miscellaneous fees through the Good Samaritan Fund.
  • A limited amount of additional support is available for the Early Childhood afternoon program (3:30 dismissal). Typically, in two parent households, both parents must work to receive assistance for this program.
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