Visit St. Paul's

We invite you to schedule a tour to see St. Paul's Episcopal Day School community in action. At St. Paul's, students receive world-class education that focuses on STEAM initiatives, project based learning, and leadership development. Daily chapel lessons center the learning environment and set the tone for the day. Students of all ages exhibit their life skills regularly through small gestures like opening the door for others and offering assistance to students and staff members. 

The St. Paul's community fosters the next generation of leaders who are kind, hard-working, and innovative. With a focus on stewardship and community development, St. Paul's students learn not just how to better themselves but how to better the world around them.
We encourage parents to tour St. Paul's via a private tour with the Director of Admissions or by attending an Open House. Students are invited to participate in playdates (younger children) or shadow days (1st-8th grade applicants) as a part of the admissions process.

Toddler - 8th grade: Wednesday, January 15 - 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Please call or email the admissions office to schedule a tour: (816) 268-6542


As a member of the St. Paul’s community, I pledge to be honest, to respect others, to take responsibility for my actions and words, to be kind and inclusive, and to help others do the same.
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