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We value community, and The Buddy Program helps build community among our students and families.  We partner an older elemetnary or middle school student with a younger student.  The older students serve as helpers, teachers, role models, and friends. Together, buddies read, write stories, play games, attend chapel and have fun!

All of our students are positively impacted from the Buddy Program, but we feel our middle schoolers especially benefit from this experience.  We strive to develop ethical leaders and compassionate, engaged citizens.  The Buddy Program provides our older students, as encouraged by Dr. Michael Thompson (psychologist and private school thought leader) , "the opportunity to be the leaders of younger children, which they surely can be, if we give them the chance." 
As a member of the St. Paul’s community, I pledge to be honest, to respect others, to take responsibility for my actions and words, to be kind and inclusive, and to help others do the same.
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