Why Choose An

    • Episcopal School?

There are over 1100 Episcopal schools worldwide, and St. Paul’s is Kansas City’s only Episcopal school. 

Episcopal schools are known for educational excellence. As embodiments of the Christian faith, they serve God in Christ in all persons, regardless of origin, background, ability, or religion and “strive for justice and peace among all people and [to] respect the dignity of every human being.” This intentional pluralism is also a distinguishing hallmark of Episcopal schools.

In addition, Episcopal schools:
  • Come together for regular chapel and worship services that are creative, age-appropriate, inclusive, and grounded in the traditions of the Episcopal Church.
  • Value and emphasize a community life in which the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of all are supported and nurtured.
  • Integrate the ideals and concepts of equity, justice, and a just society throughout the life of the school. Community service is an integral part of the life of the school. 
An Episcopal education isn’t just for Episcopalians. The Episcopal Church prides itself on openness and flexibility and that is an important component of our educational program. By linking Episcopal values to a broad religious and character development context, St. Paul’s nurtures all students in their own religious traditions.

As a member of the St. Paul’s community, I pledge to be honest, to respect others, to take responsibility for my actions and words, to be kind and inclusive, and to help others do the same.
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