Grade Level

    • Curriculum

Early Childhood

(Toddler, Preschool, Prekindergarten, Kindergarten)

The Early Childhood Center (ECC) incorporates a healthy blend of work and play with a variety of activities and experiences allowing children to develop greater confidence, independence and self-esteem. The nurturing environment empowers children to move freely and make choices. A variety of creative materials, toys and manipulatives allow the teachers to teach math, writing and reading readiness skills in both hands-on and teacher-directed lessons. Questioning, observing and exploring are also encouraged as the ECC children acquire a strong foundation of knowledge and skills preparing them for the challenges of their more formal education. Children in ECC spend time every week working with special teachers in music, physical education, Spanish and library. An essential component of each day is the emphasis on the life skills, practiced in chapel, the classrooms, learning centers, lunchroom, and the playground. Some of the activities that make the ECC unique are:

All ECC children:
  • Participate in daily chapel
  • Celebrate their birthday with their own Celebration of Life
  • Participate in enchanting Christmas and grade level musical programs
  • Participate in Field Day, which is planned and staffed by the seventh graders
  • Enjoy movement through outside time and recess
  • Participate in the Buddy program
  • Participate in a variety of Cultural Arts events
  • Join in the school-wide focus on Life Skills
  • Have the option of staying for lunch (Lunch Bunch); Preschool and Prekindergarten children can also participate in an afternoon session (A-Team) on a weekly or daily basis. (Pre-registration is required.)

Lower School

(Grades 1-5)

Children in the Lower School are eager to explore, question, and seek to define the world around them. With each year of growth, they develop higher level thinking and problem solving abilities, develop skills to engage more deeply in complex academic content, and experience more meaningful social relationships and friendships which last a lifetime. Taking advantage of their enthusiasm, teachers create an enriched environment with a differentiated curriculum that seeks to challenge all children in meaningful and productive ways. Children spend increasingly more time developing formal proficiencies in reading, language arts, math, science, foreign language, sports, wellness and the arts.

Core values, called life skills, are an important focus in not only a daily chapel, but throughout all aspects of school life. All children are encouraged to strive for personal best, to become independent learners, and to become increasingly responsible for their own learning, behavior, mistakes, and successes.

All Lower School students and teachers:
  • Gather for daily and all school chapel services
  • Join in the school-wide focus on Life Skills
  • Enjoy activities with "Buddy Classes"
  • Share in service projects and treasured holiday traditions

Middle School

(Grades 6-8)

Adolescence can be one of the most challenging times in a young person's life. During these critical years, we provide a safe and supportive atmosphere in which young teens can blossom. Caring, knowledgeable teachers provide excellent instruction and sensitive guidance to meet the unique needs of everyone in the middle school community.

In an atmosphere of warmth and mutual respect, St. Paul's students and teachers are actively engaged in a rich and challenging program of study. Course offerings and extra-curricular activities are varied and allow students to make choices that will best prepare them for high school and beyond.
  • Students are able to participate in extra-curricular speech, Science Olympiad, math, writing contests and sports.
  • Our Parents' Guild provides many cultural arts programs throughout the year. These enrichment opportunities include trips to the National WWI museum and the Truman Library, among others.
  • The middle school curriculum comes alive as students take part in numerous cross-curricular units.
    • Lords and Ladies gather in the Grand Hall for a Medieval feast in a culmination of a unit of study on the Middle Ages.
    • Students portray Revolutionary figures in the American Revolution Wax Museum.
    • Stanley and Livingstone and other dramatists lead visitors on a 4000 year journey through The Dark Continent.
    • Eighth graders create interactive multi-media presentations and a multi-cultural feast for parents and guests.
  • An expanded electives program allows seventh and eighth graders to explore classes such as digital photography, creative writing, Science Olympiad, newspaper, speech and yoga, along with many others.
  • A Transition Night is held in the spring for 5th grade parents. This evening provides insight about the middle school program and the middle school child.
  • Accelerated math courses are offered in sixth-eighth grades. Spanish and French are the middle school foreign language options.
  • SAT tests are given to sixth and seventh graders in the spring with eighth graders taking part in standardized high school entrance examinations.
  • Seventh and sixth graders take part in an outdoor challenge course at the Tucker Leadership Lab.
  • Eighth graders spend a week at the YMCA Camp of the Ozarks establishing individual and team goals.
  • The eighth grade chapel leadership team is instrumental in planning weekly chapel services.
  • Sixth graders assume responsibility for early morning carpool duty.
Middle school students are encouraged to recognize the value of service to others. These students assume leadership roles in supporting the church pantry and in raising scholarship monies for children at our sister school in Haiti. Our student council, consisting of elected officers, is instrumental in raising money for local, national and global purposes.
Opportunities to participate in a variety of ways outside the classroom - sports, drama, science, math, art, speech, music - provide these "students in transition" valuable outlets for growth and success. Leadership opportunities begin in the 6th grade and continue on throughout the middle school years.

High School Preparation

The primary focus of everything we do in middle school is on preparation for high school, college and life. From academics, to policy and procedure, our students are able to make choices and set goals with guidance from faculty members, that put them on a path to have success in the finest high schools in our city. In our September High School Fair, representatives from the area schools visit with our students and parents to help guide them in making the right choice. We take pride that our students are accepted to their first choice of high school and are cited for their academic acheivement.

The end product of the middle school years are students founded in academic preparedness and character development. Many of our graduates are tapped to be leaders in their high schools. Our students leave St. Paul's ready for the challenges of high school where they distinguish themselves as students and individuals of moral character.
As a member of the St. Paul’s community, I pledge to be honest, to respect others, to take responsibility for my actions and words, to be kind and inclusive, and to help others do the same.
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