Get a Hobby

Andrew Myler
Does your child have a hobby? I’m not talking about club soccer or an extracurricular that is the equivalent of a second job. A true hobby—photography, the harmonica, or clogging?
I am hungry for information, and I’m overeating daily because of my cell phone. My curiosity leads me down the rabbit hole, and I will emerge, sometimes hours later, with a seasick feeling, a cloudy brain, and on the rare occasion, a useful piece of information. If the internet is the information superhighway, I am a long-haul trucker who is refusing to follow the “time on the road” guidelines. I will never stop reading or researching, but I must set some limits. Frankly, I need to get a life. 
I recently read an article about the importance of hobbies for tweens. (I found the article during one of my search binges.) We’re exhausted from the constant technology, the overscheduling and the related anxiety and depression. The antidote—we all need to find a hobby.
Do something: pick up an instrument, paint, bake, sculpt, whittle, dance, powerlift, write, plant, or build. I’ve tried to meditate, and I’ll keep trying, but it’s a struggle. I’m hoping that a hobby will provide the same benefits as meditation. So, I’m publicly pledging to start playing the guitar again for at least two hours a week. I will start October 1st, just as soon as I spend the next week researching guitars, apps, and online lessons to improve my playing.
If you need more convincing or inspiration, read this piece. Your blood pressure will lower, your productivity will increase, and the best benefit: you'll enjoy it! 
I hope to see you at the Pet Blessing.
Andrew Myler
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