Summer Two

    • Projected 2019

Catalyzing Creativity in Younger Grades

The Transformation: First and Second Floors (1st-5th Grade)

Our first through fifth grade learners also need flexible spaces where they can collaborate in small groups while teachers coach and engage students in learning. During Summer 2019, we will create innovative spaces that can hold school chapel during one period and be broken down for small group learning the next, more flexible art and project rooms, and improved outdoor play and learning spaces for our elementary students.

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To help us create learning spaces for the 21st century, contact Cindy Wissinger, Director of Development at 816-268-6537 or

Reconfigured Second Floor

In Summer Two, we will remodel the first and second floor commons and update all classrooms. In addition, classroom walls adjacent to the commons will be replaced with glass, giving teachers a direct view of students working in the commons and providing more natural light throughout the building.

“We know that students are more engaged and have longer attention spans when working on hands-on experiments. Moving stationary desks for a hands-on group project, and then putting them back for the next class, can take 20% of my instructional time for a subject. I want to give that time back to my students. Can you imagine what they can do with 20% more trial and error, or 20% more time problem-solving together?” – Libby Huggins, 3rd Grade Teacher

Take a closer look at the reconfigured Second Floor.

Flex Space

The new flexible learning space will provide shared space for 1st through 5th grade students and larger projects. Direct access to the playground will make this an indoor/outdoor classroom.
Take a closer look at the First Floor Flex Space.

First Floor Commons and Locker Rooms

The first floor commons will be extended to provide additional space for breakout sessions with teachers and independent work by students. Locker rooms adjacent to the gym will be modified to provide more space for students.
Take a closer look at the First Floor.

Three Key Changes to Outdoor Learning Spaces

On the first floor, we will create a flexible learning hub that integrates our indoor and outdoor spaces. A large overhead door will connect the collaborative learning space with a new outdoor maker space, creating a flexible indoor/outdoor classroom. The maker yard will be equipped with building kits to spark creativity, collaboration and inspired play.

The outdoor area on the south end of the school will be extended to the sidewalk on Walnut St. increasing usable space by 50%.

We will create an amphitheater and an outdoor classroom in the Upper Field. The classroom area will include restrooms, making this portion of our campus more usable for classes and activities, and making the space more welcoming to our community during games and events.

Take a closer look at the locations of the locations of the Outdoor Learning Spaces.

Naming Opportunities

Third Floor of the South Building – our new school within a school
Scheduled for completion in August 2018
Expanded Science Lab
Flexible Learning Hub
Pitch Space
Technology Office
Dean of Students Office
Breakout Room 1
Breakout Room 2/Green Room
Maker Space/Science Classroom
Middle School Self-Checkout Library
Second Floor of the South Building
Scheduled for completion in August 2018
Library Conference Room
Library Reading Room
Art Room A
Art Room B
First Floor of the South Building
Scheduled for completion in August 2018
Flexible Learning Hub
1st Grade Breakout Space
2nd Grade Classroom A
2nd Grade Classroom B
Foyer Mural
Girls Locker Room
Boys Locker Room
PE Teacher Offices (2)
Other Great Spaces:
Scheduled for completion in August 2018
New Reception Desk at School Entrance
ECC Nurse's office
Scheduled for completion in August 2019
Outdoor Classroom on the Upper Field

Campaign Progress

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Case for Support

Click here to request a copy of the Case for Support or call 816.268.6537.

Partner with St. Paul's
To help us create learning spaces for the 21st century, contact Cindy Wissinger, Director of Development at 816-268-6537 or

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Cindy Wissinger, Dir. of Development
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