Daily Chapel

As an Episcopal school, we value chapel, and we seek to awaken and instill spiritual values through daily services. Hear from school leaders and students about how this unique program enriches the St. Paul's experience.

What is Daily Chapel?

We start every morning with a community chapel experience. Students, parents, grandparents, special friends, alumni, and visitors gather together to share experiences, hear bible stories, learn life skills, sing, laugh, and get ready for a productive day. On Fridays, the entire school gathers in St. Paul's Episcopal Church for a more formal chapel experience.

Faculty and students design and share the daily chapel lessons which can feature a range of themes or welcome special guest speakers. This dedicated time every day often includes topics to address social and emotional wellness, discuss cultural enrichment, build executive function skills, and much more.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you have to be Episcopal in order to fit in at St. Paul's?

Not at all. One of the hallmarks of the Episcopal identity is the importance of inclusivity and personal spiritual growth. We teach students to explore their own spirituality while encouraging a wide range of perspectives. Episcopal traditions are simply the vehicle for instilling personal development and upstanding character in our students. 

Chapel lesson examples include:

  • Head of School gives a presentation on The Steps of a Perfect Apology.
  • During National Hispanic Heritage Month, a St. Paul's Spanish teacher presents on influential Hispanic Americans. 
  • St. Paul's alumni present on their work after graduating and share advice for academic and professional success.
  • A group of students act out a well-known bible story followed by a discussion on the story's themes.

We encourage all St. Paul's community members to join us for our daily and special Friday chapel experiences.

Students and faculty gather for an all school chapel service in St. Paul's Church.
Students gather for Daily Chapel in the Early Education Center Commons.
Students gather for prayer and song during daily chapel in St. Paul's Episcopal Church.
Students pray during chapel in St. Paul's Episcopal Church.
Students gather in St. Paul's Episcopal Church for chapel.
A student bows her head in prayer during Daily Chapel.

"The daily chapel lessons are a solid blend of faith and life application. We love that public speaking is a requirement from the earliest grades--it builds confidence! Each grade requires a higher level of personal time management skills and focus than the last, and it's impressive to watch the children grow in those ways." St. Paul's parent