Alumni Update: Allie Dillingham '14

Alumni Update: Allie Dillingham '14

St. Paul’s middle school welcomed recent graduate, Allie Dillingham, to our daily chapel this week. Allie is unique in that she knew from middle school onward what profession she wanted to pursue – nursing. She shared how she discovered her goal of “spreading God’s love and grace” to others, and nursing was a clear fit!  During the rest of Allie’s presentation, she told students about her experiences in high school, college, athletics, professional training, and the early days of her career.

After graduating from St. Paul’s, Allie attended North Kansas City High School. As the most diverse public high school in Missouri, Allie enjoyed attending a school that introduced her to friends from different backgrounds and cultures. During her time in high school, Allie built up her skills as a competitive swimmer (with a specialty in breaststroke).

During her time at University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Allie continued swimming with the college team, joined the Delta Gamma sorority, and volunteered with the Make a Wish Foundation. She enjoyed her nursing clinicals in Nebraska, and was able to build up many professional and mentorship relationships before returning to the Kansas City area for her first job.


A group of about 75 middle school students gather for a chapel service in St. Paul's middle school.

Allie now works at Children’s Mercy Hospital as a pediatric float nurse who works in all units. Even though she works difficult night shift hours at the moment, she likes the variability of her day-to-day and gets to see a range of pediatric treatments.


Allie also shared some advice for students including “Show grace to others; you never know what they might be going through,” and, “Instead of being afraid to try something new, challenge yourself to pursue new opportunities.”

“St. Paul’s sets a good foundation in education, friendships, and helps you form the values to guide you into your future. Don’t take it for granted!” Allie Dillingham

Former St. Paul’s Kindergarten teacher (and Allie’s mother), Ms. Sandy Dillingham, also stopped by chapel to hear Allie’s presentation. It was wonderful to have both of them back at St. Paul’s for a visit!

Allie Dillingham and Sandi Dillingham