Class of 2021 Highlight #7

Class of 2021 Highlight #7

We're sad to see these Spartans finish up their time at St. Paul's but we are thrilled to see all they accomplish in high school! This week, we are giving high fives to four more 8th grade students - Mary, Safiya, Naomi, and Zoe. Read below to find out about their school clubs/activities, high school selections, and a few of their favs. 

Helpful Terminology:

Lifer – Started at St. Paul’s in Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, or Kindergarten

Super Lifer – Started at St. Paul’s as a Toddler






Mary Long

Super Lifer

St. Paul's Activities: Basketball, Math Club, Science Olympiad, House Council, Mathcounts

High School: Shawnee Mission East

A few of Mary's favorites:

  • Vacation spot? Telluride, Paris, Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, Hawaii, Swiss Alps, New Zealand
  • Breakfast Food? Chocolate chip pancakes
  • Best way to spend a Saturday? Playing soccer and hanging out with friends and family


Safiya Floyd

High School: Undecided

St. Paul's Activities: Volleyball, Student Ambassador 

A few of Safiya's favorites:

  • Best way to spend a Saturday? Watching TV and hanging with her cousin
  • Sport to play/watch? Basketball and Volleyball
  • Vacation Spot? Florida


Naomi Bier


High School: St. Teresa's Academy

St. Paul's Activities: Volleyball, House Council

A few of Naomi's favorites:

  • Breakfast food? Steel cut oatmeal
  • TV Show? Jane the Virgin
  • Best way to spend a Saturday? Alone time and video games after a long dance class


Zoe McCamy

St. Paul's Activities: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Math Club, Musical, House Council, Mathcounts, Student Ambassador

High School: Shawnee Mission East

A few of Zoe's favorites:

  • Favorite sport to play/watch? Lacrosse and horseback riding
  • Vacation Spot? France and Spain
  • Dream Job? Being a chef and owning a restaurant

We will continue to spotlight more of our graduating students in the weeks ahead!