Class of 2021 Highlight #9

Class of 2021 Highlight #9

We're taking a moment to celebrate and cheer on our Class of 2021 as they wrap up middle school! This group has been involved in sports, musical, house council, and much more during their time at St. Paul's. They are certainly ready to take on new challenges in high school! Read below to learn about four more graduates: Maya, John, Grace, and Brody.

Helpful Terminology:

Lifer – Started at St. Paul’s in Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, or Kindergarten

Super Lifer – Started at St. Paul’s as a Toddler






Maya Tule


St. Paul's Activities: Volleyball, House Council

High School: St. Teresa's Academy

A few of Maya's favorites:

  • Vacation spot? Costa Rica and Europe
  • Color? Sage green
  • Sport to watch? Football


John O'Farrell


High School: Rockhurst

St. Paul's Activities: Soccer, Basketball

A few of John's favorites:

  • Best way to spend a Saturday? Hanging out with friends
  • Sport to play/watch? Basketball
  • Vacation spot? Colorado


Brody Finigan


High School: Rockhurst

St. Paul's Activities: Soccer, Basketball, House Council, Student Ambassador

A few of Brody's favorites:

  • Sport to play/watch? Baseball
  • Vacation spot? Colorado
  • Holiday? Christmas


Grace Sparks-Towner

High School: Mill Valley High School

St. Paul's Activities: Soccer, Musical, Student Council

A few of Grace's favorites:

  • Favorite sport to play/watch? Fencing
  • Vacation Spot? By a beach
  • Animal? Cat

We have one more group of graduating students to spotlight next week!