Summer Renovations Enhance Learning Spaces for 1st - 5th Grade

  • Project Update
Summer Renovations Enhance Learning Spaces for 1st - 5th Grade

Summer 2019 included a full renovation of the St. Paul's 1st - 5th grade learning spaces. Students and teachers now have access to open collaborative spaces, new technology, and bright classrooms to enhance daily learning.

After a hard summer of work, St. Paul's first through fifth graders are now enjoying collaborative spaces and new technology to help with a wide range of project based learning. With new gallery areas for displaying student art work to "pods" for small group learning, teachers and students are loving all the new amenities. One student commented, "I really like the new spaces. They are modern and cool! I think this will be a fun environment for kids to learn."

Many thanks to all the supporters in the St. Paul's community who supported this renovation project. With these upgrades, students now have a dynamic environment to foster ongoing collaboration and exploration for many years to come.

St. Paul's lower School students utilize their flexible common space for a group presentation.
Middle school students create colorful projects in a bright art room.
Ms. Van Maren works with a small group of students in her 4th grade classroom.
St. Paul's teachers gather for a meeting in an open common space.