7th Grade Students Recognized in National Video Challenge

7th Grade Students Recognized in National Video Challenge

Congratulations to St. Paul’s 7th grade students, Courtney C. and Maddie M. for being recognized in the 2024 90 Second Video Newbery Challenge! Their video is currently featured on the 90 Second Newbery Challenge site as an example of great student work.

During their fall semester elective class, Courtney and Maddie worked together to create a short video with a unique take on a Newbery award-winning novel. They chose The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, and used lots of interesting props and a well-written script to share an overview of the novel’s plot and overall themes.

The competition judge shared a few positive comments, including,” The rock-solid cinematography and brisk editing made me feel like I was in the hands of a pro, and all the performances were lively, energetic, and compelling. Click here to see Courtney and Maddie’s full video and read the judge’s remarks.

Courtney and Maddie shared that they wanted to work on this project because, “It was an opportunity to be creative and put a unique twist on a book we both like!”

Congrats again to Courtney and Maddie! The winners for the 90 Second Newbery Challenge should be announced later this spring, and we are keeping our fingers crossed!