Students Travel to Madrid through Cultural Exchange Program

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Students Travel to Madrid through Cultural Exchange Program

St. Paul’s eighth grade students recently completed their annual two and a half week trip to Spain through a partnership with our sister school, Colegio Alarcón. This rewarding and immersive experience lets students discover Spanish culture, practice the language, and build memories with their peers. 

In between classes at the exchange school, students visited Madrid landmarks like Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace. Other trip highlights included a visit to Alhambra and famous author Miguel de Cervantes' childhood home. Students finished the trip with an "American Day" celebration on Thanksgiving. They dressed up in patriotic gear, ate hot dogs and hamburgers, and taught their Spanish peers the hokey-pokey!

One student shared, "This trip has been an amazing experience for me. I've learned so much already! I'm so glad that I am on this trip and had a chance to completely immerse myself into a totally different culture."

While visiting historic sites and exploring a new country was a wonderful experience, one of the most valuable parts of this trip was the time students spent with their host families and in Spanish classrooms. All of their school lessons were entirely in Spanish, St. Paul’s students helped teach Colegio Alarcón preschoolers, they ate traditional Spanish meals in host family homes, and made some lifelong friends along the way.

"So far for me, this trip has been amazing! I have learned so many new words and met so many new people. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience to be in Spain with my closest friends,” noted one St. Paul’s 8th grade student near the end of the trip.

A special shout-out goes to the dedicated St. Paul’s Spanish teachers, Ms. Aycart and Mr. Ward, who traveled with the students and helped make it a special experience. The St. Paul’s community is so proud of the school’s unique, robust, and immersive Spanish program, and the school plans to continue offering this rewarding and worthwhile trip to students year after year.

8th grade students visit Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain.
Students pose for a group shot at Alhambra in Madrid, Spain.
A St. Paul's student helps Colegio Alarcón students with their English lessons.
St. Paul's students work with Colegio Alarcón preschoolers in Madrid, Spain.
Colegio Alarcón students celebrate American Day with flags and patriotic gear.