Mrs. Van Maren Goes to Space Camp!

Mrs. Van Maren Goes to Space Camp!

In early June 2023, St. Paul's Makerspace and 6th grade science teacher, Mrs. Kelly Van Maren, attended Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Hunstville, Alabama.

The weeklong program includes authentic astronaut training simulators and activities developed to promote learning in a classroom setting. The curriculum includes NASA-inspired lesson plans and correlates to the National Science Education Standards.

During Space Camp, Ms. Van Maren tried out the multi-axis trainer, worked through space missions with a team, bounced in the 1/6th gravity chair, completed a water rescue mission and more. She's returning to St. Paul's with lesson plans, standards, and tips to adapt many of the workshop activities to her Makerspace and 6th grade science classes.

When asked about her favorite parts of Space Camp, Mrs. Van Maren shared, "I’d say that my favorite part was collaborating with teachers from all over the country. We were also able to talk with former employees of NASA from the Apollo era who shared advice on effective communication, collaboration, dedication, and taking risks."

"This experience was so amazing. I can’t wait to bring back my stories (and flight suit) to St. Paul’s!"