Portrait of a St. Paul's Graduate

At St. Paul's Episcopal Day School, we develop confident learners, ethical leaders, and compassionate, engaged citizens. Our graduates embody St. Paul's values throughout their education, careers, and in their community work. Our Portrait of a Graduate highlights the qualities that drive St. Paul’s students to be successful and make a positive impact in the world.

A student works independently at her desk. The words A Resilient Learner are in the image.

A Resilient Learner
who navigates obstacles when presented with educational challenges, unknown circumstances, and difficult questions. In an ever-changing world, our students are adaptable, can learn from failure, and are ready to seek new knowledge.

Two students work together in a science lab. The words An Innovative Thinker are in the image.

An Innovative Thinker
who has a collaborative and creative mindset and is prepared to be a pioneer and thought leader. Our graduates are curious, have highly developed and critical thinking skills and are ready to solve tomorrow's problems. 

A group of middle school students pose together for a picture. The words Compassionate Changemaker are featured.

A Compassionate Changemaker
who stands up and takes responsibility for the well-being of people in the local community and around the world. Our graduates develop empathy and a strong sense of social justice to help them become advocates for positive change.

An older student works with a younger student on an activity. The words Principled Leader are featured in the image.

A Principled Leader
who listens to and respects multiple viewpoints, evaluates appropriate risks, and takes action based on a solid moral foundation. St. Paul's students develop their personal code and use it to become effective and understanding leaders.