Annual Fund Supporters

Thank you to our 2020-2021 Annual Fund supporters!

Max and Lana Aber
John and Ellen Aisenbrey
Jwan Alallaf and Hyder Jasim
Leah and Brian Allen
Brian and Ashley Ascencio
Perry and Kathy Atha
Natalia Aycart

Scott and Erica Bach
James and Connie Banwart
Christopher and Patricia Barnett
Pam Bauer Nolan and James Nolan
Donis Beale and Kimberly Dyer
Jill Beckman
Daniel and Collette Bednarczyk
Gretchen Beilharz
Arthur and Margaret Berger
Bill and Lindy Beyer
Kimberly Bland and Christopher Seidel
Dr. and Mrs. Lee C. Bloemendal
Nan and Bill Bone
Brandon and Jenny Boulware
Eric and Jo Bradley
Justin and Mindy Bridges
Cameron and Newell Brookfield
William and Laura Brooks
Andrew and Kristen Brought
James and Linda Bruns
Suzanne Buffum
Jerry and Bonnie Burnett
Rebecca and Steven Burnett

Joe and Kristina Carignan
Anthony and Kelly Caudill
Rohit Chaube
Dennis and Audrey Chinnock
Kevin Christensen and Melinda Quiat
Andrews and Silvana Cisneros
Greyson and Elle Clymer
David and Rebecca Collier
Sue Ann and Ron Costi
J. Barry and Jo Ann Coughlin
Michael and Sherry Coughlin
Christine Cowan
Bryce and Abby Crady
Guy and Mary Creveling
Margaret Creveling
Amy Crouch and Hoyt Ogilvie
Jason and Claire Cunningham
Brad and Christina Cutcliffe

Lydia F. Dagenais
Steve Darnell
Amanda and Bennett Deacy
Juliet and Bill Dickerson
Ann Dickinson
Burton and Robyn Dickinson
Allen and Sandi Dillingham
The DiPasco Family
Thomas and Virginia Dobesh

Barbara Edwards
Al Eidson and Alice Carrott
Ryan and Leslie Englund
Stan Eisenbarth and Diane van Thullenar
Jose and Michaela Escareno
Brynn and Mac Everist

Benjamin and Courtney Fadler
Susan and Michael Fate
Brian and Anna Finigan
John and Karen Fischer
Jennifer Fisher
Jennifer and Andrew Flum
Erika Forsythe
Peggy S. Fowler
Mark and Pam Frerichs

Carolyn and John Gates
Dody Gates
Pamela A. Gates
Gordon and Diane Gee
Bill and Sallie Gerhart
Matt and Kate Gibbs
Cesar and Courtney Gonzalez
Ryan and Katie Gound
Nestor and Sarah Gouttierre
Kara Bemboom-Grefrath and Sam Grefrath
Geoff and Vanessa Gross

Craig and Barbara Hakkio
Jackie Halterman
Dave and Judy Hamed
The Hancock Family
Melissa and Jason Harper
Audrey J. Harned
Jill Harrelson
Earline Harris
Kellee Harris
Garrison and Brittany Hassenflu
Eric and Kristin Havens
Hebenstreit Family Foundation
Daniel and Dawn Heizman
Timothy and Melissa Hendricks
Julie and Dave Hendricks
Herb and Marilyn Herrmann
James and Devon Hickey
Luci and Cory Hoad
Todd Mayfield and Micah Hobbs
Amy and Paul Holewinski
John and Sheila Holkins
Patrick and Whitney Hosty
Harold and Beverly House
Matthew and Jesse Hufft
Adam and Libby Huggins

Blair and Brad Jackson
Alison and Eric Jager
Lynsey and Paul Jager
Patrick and Lisa Jones

Jennifer Kieltyka and Chris Powell
Frank and Joyce Kemp
Ann and Robert Kennedy
Wade and Jessica Kerrigan
Bill Koenigsdorf and Kay Johnson
Sabrina and Richard Korentager
Larry and Charlotte Kruse
Jeffrey and Brooke Kuntz

Les and Karen Lampe
Courtney Lane
Kathy and Tom Lawrence
Kevin and Stephanie Leek
Alecia and Winfield Lenoir
Tim and Kristen Lindquist
David Lockton
Mary Lockton
Marshall and Nora Lockton
Steve and Amie Logan
Carey Lorfing
Zeb and Jessica Lynn

John and Jessica Madarang
Paul Madson and Jill Morris
Kent and Tess Magill
Larry and Charla Manica
Peter and Kathrine Markie
Emma Marston
Kent Maughan
Kimber McAdams
Andrea and Jim McCarthy
Jim and Mary McClain
Kalie and Matthew McCollaugh
Bob McGannon
Bill and Hilary McGee
Tom and Jill McGee
Midwest Distributors Company, Inc.
Gerald and Brigitte Miller
Alex and Meg Mincher
Monica Moncrieffe
Ray Moncrieffe
Karen Monsees
Brian and Judy Moriarty
Fernando and Julie Mujica
Rosita and Grayson Murphy
Sean and Sarah Murray
Andrew Myler

Nick and Becky Nash
Christopher and Amy Nelson
Vernie and Kristy Nerstheimer
Jessica Nguyen and Luong Luu
Nohe Family
Rick and Britton Norden
Jesper Noren and Ann Noren
Dottie Novak

Bill and Rachel O'Connell
Michelle and Bret Oettmeier
Abigail Oliver
Dan Oxler

The Palmer Family
Maria Pastor
Mary Lou Payne
Bonnie and Doug Pearson
Daniel Pennington
Leo and Nora Pink
Joe and Katy Platt
Joanna and Garry Polley
Josh and Janey Polsinelli
Clayton and Katelin Porter

Keith and Nicole Ragsdale
Bill and Suzanne Raney
Nicole and Harley Ratliff
Ann and John Ready
Richard and Bethany Redding
William Coleman Reed
Tabitha Rice
Mike and Catherine Roberts
Ronald and Lesley Robinson
Matt and Jamie Ronan
Jared and Amy Rose
Thomas and Colette Rousey

Patty and Kendall Schaaf
Stan and Rosalind Scudder
Scott and Karen Seitter
Amy Shaff
Shawn Sharpley
Delano and Theresa Sheffield
Jane and Curtis Shipley
Sloane Simmons and Harl Van Deursen
Mrs. Michael Siragusa
Josh Sitzer and Amy Winger
Andrea and Mark Slater
Dennis and Marie Smith
Scott Smith
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Smith
Meyer and Mindy Sosland
Liz and Todd Spangler
Susan and Tuck Spaulding
Tim and Margaret Stauffer
Cyndi Stephenson
Mindy Stephenson
Ken Stewart and Mercedes Taylor-Puckett
Scott and Deborah Stover
Ward and Katherine Strahan
Layne and Bram Strookman
Jason and Marcia Sutton
The Swanson Family

Kaevan Tavakolinia
Adam and Aimee Thomson
Leigh Todd
John and Ellen Tranquilli
Brad and Katie Trenkle
Cecil and Mary Trenkle
Joseph and Patricia Twardowski

Kelly and Ben Van Maren
Ted and Linda van Thullenar

Michelle and Danny VanDoren

David and Jennifer Wade
Shawn and Courtney Ward
Hunter Ward
Kyle and Katie Wiedwald
Julie and Bill Willets
Bernard and Andrea Wilson
Adam and Hillary Winzenried
Tewaney Ayalneh and Cindy Wissinger
Brad and Amara Wright

Aaron and Jamie Young
Max and Lilliana Younger

Andy and Karyn Zaborny
Silvia Zamora


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