Haiti Support

The epicenter of the earthquake in Haiti on August 14, 2021 was within 30 miles of our sister school, Holy Cross. Most of the buildings at the school were damaged and some destroyed. Many of the teachers’ homes have damages, and the same is likely true for the students' homes.

Initial clean-up of the school is anticipated to push the start of school out to October, but rebuilding will take many months. Click here to view a short video of the destruction at Holy Cross School. Here is a link to a short video of the destruction at Holy Cross School.

If you are interested in supporting the immediate needs at Holy Cross, you can make a secure gift here.  Our work with Holy Cross continues to be specific and intentional thanks to the dedication of many within St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and the Episcopal clergy in Haiti. Your gift will be used for this project and managed directly with the school.

Earthquake Destruction

Background on St. Paul's connection to Holy Cross School in Haiti

Each year, St. Paul’s students plan group fundraisers, earn money through extra chores, and make donations during morning chapel to support Holy Cross. These gifts support teacher salaries, books, and a daily, nutritious meal for each student. St. Paul's students have also helped to fund special projects to replace classroom benches, plant moringa trees in deforested land adjacent to the school, provide reusable water filters to reduce illness, and purchase rocket stoves to reduce the amount of fuel needed to prepare lunches.