Playground Supporters

St. Paul's students show off their muscles on the new playground.

We are grateful to our community for supporting the St. Paul's vision for outdoor play. Below are the people and families who gave generously to completely transform our west playground in 2021 and our south playground in 2022.


Greyson and Elle Clymer 

The Jager Family Foundation

Midwest Distributors Company, Inc.

Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation

St. Paul’s Parents’ Guild

Recess Heroes

Hunter and Alison Armistead

Jeffrey and Suzanne Fox

Ryan and Katie Gound

Bob and Janet Wholey

Team Captains

Christopher and Kathryn Bannister

Helen Cavanaugh

Andres and Silvana Cisneros

Ann Dickinson

Brian and Brynn Everist

Mark and Pat Gibbs

Cesar and Courtney Gonzalez

Stephen and Patricia Gound Family Foundation

Kara Bemboom-Grefrath and Sam Grefrath

James and Amy Guthrey

Daniel and Dawn Heizman

Robert and Anita Strohm

All Star Team

Lori Akers 
Ashley and Brian Ascencio 
Atronic Alarms 
Sean Power and Alison Auxter
John and Miriam Bailey 
James and Connie Banwart 
Christopher and Patricia Barnett 
John and Julia Bartlett 
Gretchen Beilharz 
Nicole Blanc 
Jenny and Brandon Boulware 
Marty and Donna Bratsch 
James and Polly Breitenkamp 
Justin and Mindy Bridges 
Cameron and Newell Brookfield 
Andrew and Kristen Brought 
Anthony and Kelly Caudill 
Denny and Audrey Chinnock 
David and Rebecca Collier 
Amy Crouch and Hoyt Ogilvie 
Wiley and Caroline Curran 
Don and Pat Dagenais 
Spencer and Logan Dean 
The DiPasco Family 
Benjamin and Courtney Fadler 
Brian and Anna Finigan 
John and Karen Fischer 
Jonathan and Bettine Freeman 
John and Carolyn Gates
Diane and Gordon Gee 
Brett Davis and Tracey George
Nestor and Sarah Gouttierre 
Tom and Janet Greaves 
Joe and Kelly Groebl 
Geoff and Vanessa Gross 
Katherine Hall
Melissa and Jason Harper 
Chris and Becky Herring 
Damon and Kari Heybrock 
Tobey and Mackenzie Hoambrecker 
Jeff and Debbie Holden 
Paul and Amy Holewinski 
Henry Hosty 
Patrick and Whitney Hosty 
Brian and Mina Humphrey 
Brad and Blair Jackson
Patrick and Lisa Jones 
Richard and Sabrina Korentager 
Patrick and Alicia Kuehl 
The Laurie Family 
Michael Lawhead and Christina Sternberg 
Marshall and Nora Lockton 
Steve and Amie Logan 
Sarah and Sean Murray 
David and Noelle Manica 
Dylan and Lucy Mayor 
Jim and Andi McCarthy 
Thomas and Amanda McGannon 
Larry and Chris McMullen 
Merck Partnership for Giving
Chandler and John Moenius 
Karen Monsees 
Paul Madson and Jill Morris 
Brad and Sarah Moss 
Andrew Myler
Patricia O'Dell 
Charles Payne and Amy Ortman
Ben O'Shea 
Brooks Pierce and Amy Freeman Pierce 
Ashley and Joe Pindell 
Joe and Katy Platt 
Keith and Nicole Ragsdale 
Bill and Suzanne Raney 
Gary and Glenda Riekhof 
Robby and Laurie Robinson 
Matt and Jamie Ronan 
Jared and Amy Rose 
Scott and Karen Seitter 
Matthew and Lindsay Severns 
Delano and Theresa Sheffield 
Tim and Allie Sifers 
Josh Sitzer and Amy Winger 
The Stauffer Family 
Ward and Katherine Strahan 
Robert and Anita Strohm 
David and Jennifer Wade 
Don and Jean Wagner Charitable Foundation
James and Heather Walker 
Kurt and Kathleen Wiedeman 
Bernard and Andrea Wilson 
Tewaney Ayalneh and Cindy Wissinger 
Bruce and Martha Wofford 
Aaron and Jamie Young 

South Playground

West Playground

St. Paul's students play on the new colorful west playground.
St. Paul's students play on the new colorful west playground.
St. Paul's students play on the new colorful west playground.
St. Paul's students play on the new colorful west playground.
St. Paul's students play on the new colorful west playground.
St. Paul's students play on the new colorful west playground.

Support Our Vision

Our work is not yet done! To learn more about the full master plan and how you can support our vision for outdoor play, please contact our Development Office.