Strategic Plan

The St. Paul’s Board Trustees and school leaders created a strategic roadmap to guide our community's next steps. Throughout 2019, beginning with a board workshop in February, school leaders crafted new strategic goals to guide community initiatives for the next few years.  After careful deliberation, we launched this new vision in early 2020. Our plan centers on four key areas: diversity, equity, and inclusion; social emotional learning and leadership development; outdoor spaces and playgrounds; and faculty growth and development. 

This plan is meant to be somewhat fluid and dynamic.  The goals below will not change, but we may shift or add action steps as we go. 

Adding to our Values

As a school, we previously had a school-wide diversity statement that was distinct from our mission and values.  To clearly communicate our deep commitment to inclusion, we added Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as our fifth value. 

As we strive for justice and peace among all people, we foster a respectful environment that welcomes diverse voices, viewpoints, and cultures. 

Click here to learn more about our school values.

Outdoor Play

Rendering of a potential St. Paul's early childhood playground

Update outdoor campus spaces to provide more opportunities to play, explore, and create. 

  • Create master plan for playground spaces with phased improvements over 3-4 years 

  • Develop funding plan centered on Fund-a-Vision and community wide major gift campaign 

  • Update school schedule to optimize outdoor play and recreation 

Social Emotional Learning

A pair of St. Paul's 5th graders visit with each other during a class project.

Enhance school-wide social and emotional learning (SEL) and leadership development programs 

  • Strengthen existing SEL and leadership initiatives 

  • Implement age-appropriate curriculum that reinforces critical SEL and leadership skills 

  • Update schedule to allow time for new SEL and leadership programs 

  • Provide authentic opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery of SEL and leadership competencies 

Faculty Growth

A St. Paul's preschool teacher and student work on a collage together.

Invest in faculty growth and professional development 

  • Target training programs to support DEI initiatives, social emotional learning, and leadership development 

  • Create two-year plan for professional development funding and programmatic differentiation 

  • Update schedule to foster faculty collaboration and encourage innovative teaching 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A group of St. Paul's 3rd grade students gather for a picture in their common space.

Expand diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in our community 

  • Update social studies curriculum to develop cross-cultural competence and understanding of diverse points of view 

  • Provide ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion training for faculty and staff 

  • Embed social justice chapel lessons while honoring examples of ethical leaders and compassionate engaged citizens 

  • Expand efforts to recruit a diverse faculty, staff, and student body 

Interested in supporting our strategic initiatives? Contact our Development Office, at or 816-268-6537.